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Assisted Living Lantana

The Medicaid Long Term Care Managed Care Program (LTCMC)

The Medicaid Long Term Care Managed Care Program (LTCMC) is designed to help Elders pay for the cost of approved Assisted Living Facilities or licensed Home Health Agencies and Registries providing care at home or in an Independent Living Facility. There are several providers which have contracts with the State of Florida to administer this program. Each provider has developed its own contracts with facilities and nursing agencies and has its own array of services offered. Selecting a provider is an important choice because making changes later requires waiting for an open enrollment. Elder Law, P.A. can assist Elders and Families in this selection process. Funds for this program come and go throughout the year and the application process often involves a waiting list.

Assisted Living Facility

Those residing in an Assisted Living Facility may apply for the Medicaid Long Term Care Managed Care Program (LTCMC) which is designed to help pay for the care portion of the Assisted Living expenses. The program does not cover the room and board portion of the Assisted Living fee. The room and board portion of the Assisted Living fee is paid for by the resident. The Assisted Living facility must have a contract with the LTCMC program and the funds are paid directly to the facility. This program can help Elders afford Assisted Living Facilities otherwise outside their range of affordability.

The Application Process: The process of application to the LTCMC Program has two steps:

First: The applicant must be placed on the waiting list.
Second: Once the Applicant’s name is called up on the list, they must apply for Medicaid and enter the approved Assisted Living Facility.