National Gratitude Month

November is National Gratitude Month. During this season we take the time to thank our loved ones and families for all that they do for us. We may, however, dismiss the ones who care-take for us or our families. Whether it be a caregiver, social worker, nurse or aide, showing a token of gratitude goes a long way.

When considering Medicaid planning, speak to your elder law attorney to determine what type of care is best for your aging parent, grandparent or injured loved one. They can help explain the differences between getting care at Home, in an Assisted Living Facility (ALF) or Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). It is important to understand the differences in care levels to make the best decision for your loved one. The best fit will depend on the medical needs and the desires of the family.

Most people are unaware of the what is required to care-take for someone. Caregivers provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) that include eating, bathing, getting dressed, toileting, transferring and continence. In addition to assisting with ADL’s, other responsibilities include medication management, food preparation, transportation or companionship. Caregivers go above and beyond to maintain the well-being of a loved one.

Elder Law, P.A. often serves as a liaison between the facilities, caretakers and the families that hire us. Having clear communication with all parties involved allows us to serve each efficiently and accomplish the client’s goals for Medicaid planning.

As the primary advocate for your loved one, building relationships and having open communication with the ones that care-take for your family member will support the care plan set in place for them. This means regularly talking with the administrators, business office managers and those in direct contact with your loved one.

Take a moment to thank your caregivers, social workers and supporting staff that look after your loved one. A simple smile goes a long way, a letter with kind words or something heartfelt  is all it takes to give thanks to those who take care of those we love.

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  • Margarita Figueroa

    Very thoughtful and encouraging!! A great reminder to show gratitude to those that are by our side. A simple gesture of appreciation-a smile or a thank you note-can add so much warmth to someone’s heart!! Thanks!!

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