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If you don’t have an estate plan, the time to create one is now. Even if you are in excellent health, tomorrow is never guaranteed, and estate planning isn’t just for the rich and the elderly. If you have assets you worked hard to accumulate and you want to ensure that they end up in the right hands when your time comes, our Boca Raton estate planning attorney can help! Call Elder Law, P.A. today to schedule a free consultation and discover your options!

Boca Raton Estate Planning Attorney

What Is An Estate Plan?

An estate plan is a legal tool that allows you to clarify your wishes for your assets, and minor children in the event that you pass away. It can help prevent the possibility of privacy for your loved ones, and ensure that your children end up with the proper guardian. There are a variety of documents within your estate plan that can be beneficial to you and your family, but the main ones include:

A will – a document that designates who will inherit your assets and goes into effect after you pass away.

There are several different types of wills. An estate planning attorney can explain your options and advise you on which might best meet your needs.

A trust – this is a separate entity that owns your assets outside of your name. It provides a layer of security that a will and other tools cannot, and it allows you to manage your assets while you’re alive and after you’re gone.

Like wills, there are several types of trusts that fall under a revocable or irrevocable category, including charitable trusts, special needs trusts, and more.

A power of attorney – allows you to grant someone the authority to make decisions on your behalf for legal, financial, and medical-related matters if you’re unable to make the decisions yourself.

An advance directive – also known as a living will, allows you to spell out your wishes for medical care if you were to become incapacitated.

Beneficiary designations – this is the act of naming one or multiple people to inherit your assets after you pass away.

Why Do I Need One?

If you don’t take the time to create an estate plan that outlines what will happen to your assets, property, and minor children, the state of Florida will make those decisions for you. If your assets end up with the wrong people, there may be disputes amongst your family members and other conflicts that arise, like your children being placed in the guardianship of someone you don’t know or trust.

Without an estate plan in place, your family members will also likely have to endure probate, which is a lengthy and expensive process to go through in the midst of mourning. In order to save your loved ones from the hassle of probate, you need to begin planning now. While it may feel intimidating to create a plan for a life you won’t be a part of, it is the best way to safeguard all the things you’ve worked hard for and the people you love most!

Can I Make My Own Estate Plan?

While there are free online templates you can utilize to “DIY” your estate plan, it is in your best interest to work with an experienced professional. Estate planning templates often lack the language necessary to make them legally compliant. Also, because estate planning has no “one-size-fits-all” formula, these templates won’t cater to your unique needs the way that an estate planning attorney can.

How Elder Law, P.A. Can Help You

If you need to create an estate plan, call Elder Law, P.A. today to schedule a free consultation. Our Boca Raton estate planning attorney Ryan Jay Smollar, has over 10 years of experience helping clients navigate estate planning step by step. Allow him to do the same for you!

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