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Don’t Let Your Loved One Be Denied Medicaid

“Do It Yourself” Medicaid Can be Very Costly

Most Common Reasons For Denial Are:

  1. Failure to provide documentation within time sensitive deadlines.
  2. Improper transfers of bank accounts, houses, cars, boats, etc.
  3. Failure to protect assets within approved guidelines.
  4. Improper titling of bank accounts.
  5. Failure to disclose all assets such as life insurance, annuities, loans, ect.
  6. Failure to understand the rules and regulations and how to make them work for the Applicant.
  7. Failure to understand that a trust does not protect assets from Medicaid.
  8. Failure to understand that Medicaid will locate all of the Applicant’s assets. “They will find out”. Non-disclosure could result in serious legal penalties and denial.
  9. Providing more information than what is required.
  10. Complications arising from previous marriages and divorces with shared and non-shared assets.
  11. Failure to disclose current and past business partnerships, corporations and share holdings.
  12. Joint account holder’s refusal to provide all asset information due to privacy concerns.
  13. Refusing to prosecute those who have exploited the Applicant by taking property or assets. Medicaid will consider the transfer a gift and deny the application.

In case of denial, the facility will have to charge the Applicant the private pay rate for each month that Medicaid has been denied. One mistake on a Medicaid application may be very costly.