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Home Health Care 

Home Health Care Services at Home or in Independent Living Facilities

The Long Term Care Managed Care Program (LTCMC) may help an Elder remain in their own Home or Independent Living Facility and receive PART-TIME care from an approved, licensed Home Health agency or registry. Many other benefits such as incontinent supplies, medical supplies, prescription drugs, home delivered meals, medical services, limited dental services and medical alert devices may also be provided through this program. Each provider has a different array of services they may provide. The services offered by each provider should be considered carefully BEFORE selecting a provider.

The Application Process: The process of application to the LTCMC Program has two steps:

First: The applicant must be placed on the waiting list.
Second: Once the Applicant’s name is called up on the list, they must apply for Medicaid and once approved, receive part time Home Care Services through an approved Home Care Organization.