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The best way to enjoy your retirement is with security and peace of mind. You want to make the most of your time without worrying about any future pitfalls. Building a relationship with a trusted Riviera Beach elder law attorney will allow you to take the necessary steps to craft a secure future for yourself and your loved ones!

When you contact Ryan Jay Smollar of Elder Law, P.A. you can count on individualized attention and a genuine concern for the needs of you and your family. Schedule a free consultation and begin receiving guidance on getting the best out of your golden years. 

Riviera Beach Elder Law Attorney

Why Do I Need An Elder Law Attorney?

An elder law attorney can guide you through the particular legal concerns common to people age 65 and older. When you are preparing for the end of your life and the longevity of your family, the processes can seem very intricate without professional help–it’s hard to even know where to start, since there are so many services available. 

Knowledgeable elder law attorney Ryan Smollar can get to know you and your needs, address the legal issues that concern you, and take care of any fine details. Whether it’s dealing with tedious paperwork or communicating with the court, he will cover the particulars so that you do not have to put up with stress. 

What Services Does Our Riviera Beach Elder Law Attorney Offer?

There are many services that are relevant to your life as a retiree and with which our experienced Riviera beach elder law attorney can assist you. Some of the most commonly requested services include: 

  • Wills and trusts: A last will and testament is a necessity for any individual who wants to make sure that their intentions are respected after they pass. However, there are other types of wills that you might find beneficial, and there are several types of trusts that will keep your assets secure from the probate process (and that may even be more helpful than a will). Speak with your elder law attorney to determine which wills and trusts are most relevant for you.
  • Medicaid planning: Medicaid planning allows seniors to arrange their assets so that they can qualify for Medicaid, which will enable them to access necessary nursing home care without depleting their life savings.
  • Power of attorney and living wills: In the event you are ever severely incapacitated, designating someone with the power of attorney and creating a living will ensures that your medical wishes will be honored.
  • Probate: If a loved one of yours passed away without a secure estate plan in place, their assets will likely have to go through a complex court process known as probate before you can access them. Your attorney can help streamline the procedure and ensure that there are no costly mistakes.
  • Tax planning: If you are passing on many assets or a hefty sum of wealth, you can work with your elder law attorney to minimize the impact of the taxes your beneficiaries will have to pay on your estate.
  • Social security and other benefits: For any number of reasons, it can be difficult to access government benefits to which you are entitled. Your elder law attorney can assist you with accessing these benefits, as well as filing appeals if your claims are denied.
  • Guardianship: If there comes a time in your life that you or someone you love needs the assistance of a guardian who is empowered to make decisions on your behalf, your elder law attorney can help ensure that the ideal person is put in place.
  • Exploitation: There are unfortunate situations in which elderly people are taken advantage of by scammers or even a loved one or caretaker. Your elder law attorney will be able to prevent the likelihood of you finding yourself in a situation like this and legally support you if you ever are taken advantage of financially.
  • And more!

Elder Law, P.A. is committed to advocacy for elderly individuals. The firm’s services are comprehensive, and Attorney Ryan Smollar has the ability to address needs that are unique to you. If you are 65 or older and concerned about a legal matter, he wants to offer the tools in his repertoire to help you. 

Trust Ryan Jay Smollar Of Elder Law, P.A. To Secure Your Future

Ryan Smollar is a fierce advocate for the elderly and an elder law attorney with over ten years of experience helping senior clients protect themselves and their legacies. Elder Law, P.A. has served hundreds of clients with a huge variety of legal matters. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your needs with a compassionate professional.

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Natalie was amazing handling my dads medicaid application process, easy to communicate and we found the process very straight forward with their guidance. We would highly recommend their services to everyone who is in need of elder law, with our family all working full time and busy lives they gave us a peace of mind knowing they were working on getting things done.

Giovana H.

Ryan really cares about his clients, and it shows in the way that he advises them. He is extremely knowledgeable about elder law, and explains the rules in a clear manner. The issues can be difficult on family members to discuss, and he handles the material in a compassionate manner.

Joseph M.

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