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If you are here because you have recently lost a loved one and been named executor of their estate, condolences are first in order. It’s understandable that your grief can make the probate process, which is already complex, seem impossibly overwhelming. Settling the estate of a loved one is a herculean task, but you will be happy to hear that a seasoned Riviera Beach probate attorney can help simplify the process. 

Attorney Ryan Jay Smollar of Elder Law, P.A. is dedicated to helping families understand their rights as they handle the estates of their passed on loved ones. He has extensive experience settling probate cases and can help you make informed decisions during this time of personal upheaval. Contact Elder Law, P.A. for a free consultation to learn how he can help you move forward.

Riviera Beach Probate Attorney

What Is Probate?

Probate is a Florida court process by which a will is legitimized and assets dispersed to the beneficiaries of the deceased. If a person has died intestate, meaning that they left no will behind, the Florida court will take responsibility for seeing that the estate is properly bequeathed. The purpose of probate is to ensure that the estate is distributed according to the will and prevent any challenges or unwarranted claims from threatening the terms of the will. 

What Are The Steps of Probate?

Probate is generally a long and complicated process that begins with the custodian of the will filing the will’s original copy with the clerk of the courts. This initial filing occurs within ten days of the death of the deceased. The executor of the estate named in the will oversees probate, which includes filing the initial petition to begin the probate process. Here is where your Riviera Beach probate attorney will be beneficial: the probate process contains many steps and pieces of documentation, and the executor will need assistance throughout the process to avoid mistakes. Though the process doesn’t always look the same, here are some general steps that can be expected:

  1. Formally notifying beneficiaries and any creditors
  2. Inventorying assets and providing for any necessary upkeep
  3. Settling any remaining debts
  4. Finalizing outstanding taxes
  5. Distributing assets to beneficiaries 
  6. Communicating these steps with the court
  7. Closing the estate

Every situation is unique so there might be more or fewer steps depending on your circumstances. Regardless of your situation, working with Elder Law, P.A. ensures the process will be as simple as possible. 

How Can A Riviera Beach Probate Attorney Help Me?

Since probate is such an intricate process, you will need legal assistance in order to ensure that it goes smoothly. There are many concerns surrounding probate, such as:

  • Probate is complicated. The average person will need advice about how to handle the process.
  • Probate is tedious. There are many loose ends to be tied up and a lot of paperwork that is sure to cause a headache, especially during a time of grief. On average, probate takes six months to a year, though the time can vary depending on the specific circumstances.
  • Probate is expensive. The longer an estate takes to go through probate, the more money it will cost to sort out. In the most extreme cases, the inheritance will be depleted before it has a chance to reach the beneficiaries. 
  • Probate opens up the executor to risk of litigation. Again, there are many loose ends and road bumps in the process of probate, and if the executor handles some aspects incorrectly, it will mean they are opening themselves up to the possibility of a legal challenge. A legal challenge entails–you guessed it–more time and money. 

When you are dealing with a loss, you don’t want to add this sort of legal pressure on top of everything else. Reaching out to the trusted Riviera Beach probate attorney at Elder Law, P.A. will give you space to grieve your loved ones as the affairs of their estate are being handled by a professional. 

Trust Elder Law, P.A. To Guide You Through The Probate Process

Don’t handle probate on your own. Ryan Jay Smollar has over ten years of experience handling probate cases. Mistakes during this time can be costly, so trust Elder Law, P.A. to take care of the legalities while defending your rights and looking out for your best interests. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation and learn about next steps. 

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Natalie was amazing handling my dads medicaid application process, easy to communicate and we found the process very straight forward with their guidance. We would highly recommend their services to everyone who is in need of elder law, with our family all working full time and busy lives they gave us a peace of mind knowing they were working on getting things done.

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Ryan really cares about his clients, and it shows in the way that he advises them. He is extremely knowledgeable about elder law, and explains the rules in a clear manner. The issues can be difficult on family members to discuss, and he handles the material in a compassionate manner.

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